Absence from school


If your son or daughter is absent from school  with an illness please kindly let us know by email to: student.absent@rijnlandslyceum-rlo.nl  or by telephone 071 519 3555 before 8:30am.  

On the first day of a student returning to school, he/she is required to bring in a written and signed note from their parents / guardians giving the date and reason for absence. These notes must be delivered to the central reception at the front of the school (the postbox on the left hand side of the reception). This system will be closely monitored - tutors will check if a letter of explanation has been provided for any absence.   Any student not providing a letter can expect to be placed in detention on a Friday afternoon (3.45 – 5.15pm).

In the case of regular unauthorised absences the MYP / DP team leader will be forced to take further disciplinary measures and will inform parents / guardians

Reporting ill during the school day by a student

Students who fall ill during the school day, must report to Ms Embleton in the administration office.   If she is unavailable, then Ms Kromhout (MYP) or Mr Symmons (DP).  Students are not allowed to leave the premises without permission from a staff member. 

Foreseen absences during the school day

Foreseen and short absences such as medical or dental appointments should be announced in good time through student.absent@rijnlandslyceum-rlo.nl.  Students must still sign out of school at the central reception and back in again upon return (where applicable).


Every Monday the absence administration provides a list of students who have been marked as absent without an explanation for one or more lessons during the previous week. This list is posted up on the notice board for international students in front of the bathrooms, opposite the auditorium.

All students must look at this list to see if there name appears and, if so, for which day and class. If their name is highlighted in a bright colour it is necessary that they provide Ms Kromhout or Mr Symmons, before the end of the first break on the following Wednesday, a written explanation provided by a parent/guardian for their absence(s).

If this explanation is not forthcoming, students will automatically be placed in detention for the Friday of the same week. A letter informing about detention is sent on Wednesday afternoon so parents/guardians will receive 24 hours notice of the detention.

All this can be avoided if students who miss a class place a note in the absence post box by central reception immediately on return to school, or parents/ guardians use the dedicated email address student.absent@rijnlandslyceum-rlo.nl to confirm the reason.

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