RLO is on the move for education in Uganda!

The Rijnlands Lyceum is organizing the Horse Power Action for the 25th time this year, but differently!

From here to Uganda: 10.000 km

When Corona hit, many students were at home; just like us but with some huge differences: no laptops, no wifi, no phones. That means no Teams, no Zoom, no Google and no Whatsapp.

Tree as a symbol of growth and development

On Thursday, as a parting gift, John Swieringa donated a tree to the school. The tree was planted outside the new science lab and symbolises growing and developing, just as our students do. 

Pre-University College

Pre-University College is a two-year programme offered by Leiden University for academically gifted students with a broad scientific interest.

ROS run 2020

This week our youngest students ran the ROSrun, a course of a little more than 2 km around the school. The run was divided into two shifts.

Students paint container

Last Friday, a beautiful work of art was unveiled in our school backyard. Students from DP2 had painted and transformed a boring container, as part of a school project. Well done!

DP2 Graduation Ceremony

The DP2 Class of 2020 were welcomed back to school on Friday 11 September for their graduation ceremony and to receive their IB diploma.

Song for DP2

The teachers of DP2 showcased their singing talents with an alternative rendition of the Beatles' 'Here comes the Sun'. This premiered friday evening at the DP2 picnic.


DP2 Picnic

Friday, as a replacement for Speech Night, the school was able to welcome back the graduating class of DP2 for a picnic with speeches. Luckily the sun shone and everyone had a good time.

Sponsor event

Léon Joly, Dp1 student and footballer at FC Oegstgeest came home from a 12 k run a few weeks ago inspired with an idea which would encourage people to get out of the house during confinement and ad


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