Conditions for Acceptance

We accept students from the age of 11, providing they have completed 5 years of primary education. 

Students eligible for enrolment should be:

  • Expatriate students (foreign passport holders) who are moving to or within The Netherlands.
  • Students with Dutch passports who already attend international schools abroad.
  • Students with Dutch passports whose parents are planning on relocating abroadand will attend ISRLO in order to prepare for this move.
  • All students in The Netherlands are eligible to apply to join the Diploma Programme providing they have a 4VWO passing report card or a 5HAVO Diploma.

Entrance tests are not usually required for admission to our school, but are sometimes necessary if the admission committee has any doubt about the level of the student and/or his/her academic record. 

The admission committee admits a student after the full perusal of the student’s academic record.   In cases of doubt, an interview may also form part of the admission policy in order to satisfy the committee that a student will be able to thrive within the programme.

Admission to the International Baccalaureate is based upon the academic background, qualifications, age, command of the language of instruction and motivation etcetera.     We always make contact with a students' previous school to obtain a reference of attendance, conduct and commitment.

Confidential Information

It is school practice to show photographs of school activities and events on the website and within other school publications and press releases.   Should you wish that your child is not featured in any such material you are requested to make a written request to ensure that we comply with your wishes.  

It is the schools legal duty to provide information about students registered at the school to Dutch Government officials.

If you require further information about our confidential information policy please contact the admissions team.

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