The Media centre owns a collection of about 10.000 books. These books are divided into the follwoing categories:

  • Dutch information books
  • English information books
  • Dutch literature and young fiction books
  • English literature and graded fiction
  • German, French and Spanish literature and young fiction


  • when you are curious for our acquistions, click here on new books


Journals and newspapers

The Media Centre has about 20 subscriptions to journals. Facing the shelves with journals there is a reading table where you can sit and read in peace the journals and newspapers. Articles from the journals can be copied
List of the journals



The Media Centre has a subscription  to a number of databases. You can find these databases on the following site:, > external links.

  • Krantenbank: with newspaper articles from different Dutch and international  newspapers.
  • Literom Nederlands: interviews and reviews - from Dutch and Flemish journals - from Dutch language literature from 1900 onwards.
  • Literom Wereldwijd: interviews and reviews from translated world literature.
  • Uittrekselbank: abstracts from Dutch language literature, information about authors etc.

Reference works

To conclude we have a collection Dutch and English language reference works:

  • dictionaries
  • encyclopedias [general and by topic]
  • different atlasses

These reference works you can consult in the Media Centre.

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