School-parent communication

Parents Evenings

Every academic year the School organises at least one Parents Evening for each grade level. Usually matters that concern the whole of that level are addressed during the plenary session before the break. After the break the parents meet with the tutor of their child to discuss any matters that are important for that particular tutor group. If necessary, parents can choose to call a meeting with the Tutor. If the Tutor does not deal with complaints in a satisfactory way, parents should contact the Head of Lower School or Head of Upper School. If necessary, they can ask for a meeting with the Head of the International Schoo, The Principal, the Board of Trustees or the Parents Council.

10-Minute Parents Evening

The 10-Minute Parents Evening will be held at the end of Terms 2, 3 and 4. Parents are given the opportunity to meet with two of their child's subject teachers to discuss progress in that particular subject. 

The Parents Forum

This is a group of committed parents who meet regularly with the Heads of Lower and Upper School and Head of the International School in order to maintain good contact and communication between the parents, students, teachers and Management of the School. The purposes of the Parents Forum are (1) to increase the involvement of parents in School matters; (2) to make use of the talents and resources available to suit (certain needs of ) the School; (3) to give the students and parents of the International School more affinity / identification with the School.


Periodically newsletters are sent to parents through their email system, if we have missed you from the distribution, please let us know.  

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