DP music showcase

We are proud to present the first Diploma Programme Music Showcase ever at the Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest. The first cohort of DP students who do the exam programme for Music will perform on stage, something we are very excited about. It is clear that this concert is a landmark for all of us, after a year that was very demanding and exhausting students’ resilience. Now we need some good music! 

And it will be a memorable concert too: special guests on the evening will be the outstanding musical talents from the current DP2, students who just graduated but are still thrilled to take the stage once more to give their school a proper musical goodbye. We welcome Johann, Jon, Lucas, Léon, Lael, Clea, Nasya and Dagmar, and we say goodbye at the same time. 

We will perform for a small live audience of guests with a special invitation. You are all kindly invited to watch the livestream on YouTube: https://youtu.be/mKk_aIH0Uj4

The show starts on Thursday June 24 at 8 pm. 

Rahul van Brandenburg, Cosmo Gamaggio, Yana Haydar, Marc Pinkhassov, Irene Sayago Guillot, Carmen van Voorst (DP1 students) and Gerwin van der Werf (music teacher) 

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