E. Memorising

Memory and memory techniques

Active learning will help you to remember better. We sometimes forget more than we want but we can ensure that we forget less if we really try to remember using specific techniques. If we don't understand what we learn, we forget more than 50 % within the first hour. Memory is your good friend in learning so use this material to learn and reflect on memory. Be aware that being active learning takes time and demands effort and willingness to do your part. There is no easy way and the memory pill is still to be invented.

Take the memory test to find out how effective your techniques to learn and remember are http://studytips.admsrv.ohio.edu/studytips/?Function=Memory&Type=pretest
("Memory Pretest" Ohio University. 2011. Web. 31 May 2011)

Practice note taking to improve your memory: there is a relationship between making good notes and remembering
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Mnemonics are memory aids. Take a look at some examples here to give you an idea of how you could make some mnemonics yourself http://www.back2college.com/memorize.htm
("Study Skills: Memorize with Mnemonics" Back To College. 2004. Web. 31 May 2011)

Ways to organise information for more effectively understanding and remembering
("Cognitive Structures" Bucks County Community College. January 1999. Web. 31 May 2011)

Thanks to all the web pages that made this study skills programme possible especially Nørre Gymnasium Denmark, 2011.

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