ECIS Awards

ECIS Award for International Understanding
The European Council of International Schools (ECIS) Award is “Awarded to a student who is a good representative of their own country, with a positive attitude toward the life and culture of others, able to converse in at least two languages, a contributing force in the life of the school, with the ability to bring differing people together into a sense of community, thus furthering the cause of international understanding". (ECIS, London, UK;
The Rijnlands recipients of the ECIS Award, for their active involvement in promoting international understanding and for their contribution to international mindedness, are:


The International School RIJNLANDS LYCEUM OEGSTGEEST and the European Council of International Schools (ECIS) London

congratulate the recipients of the ECIS Award:

2021 Hannah Osman

2020 Rachel Koeiman  

2019 Karin Hendriks

2018 Ido Buchman

2017 Mahima Hulikal Yoganarasimhan

2016 Matteo  Manieri

2015 Tatyana Pellan

2014 Christine Thomas

2013 Maria Makurat

2012 Loes van Driel

2011 Sarah Anderson

2010 Hanna Siwitza

2009 Katy Roscoe

2008 Simone van Saarloos

2007 Elise Guit

2006 Eeke de Milliano

2005 Ime Husken

2004 Claudia Belingheri

2003 Thor Theunissen

2002 Claudia van Tooren

2001 Paola Belingheri

2000 Nicky Seisler

1999 Maya Kumar

1998 Can Ercan

1997 Margot Noordzij

1996 Marjolein Wijnen

1995 Cristina Semmelink

1994 Saket Kulkarni

1993 Eric Stahl

1992 Joaquin Moreno

1991 Saskia Groenevelt

1990 Claudia Zambrano

1989 –

1988 Saskia Duyvestein

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