Liesbeth Nouens

Educational support

Dyslexia Testing

At the beginning of the academic year, the students are given a dictation test to see if any of them are poor spellers. In case of below average scores, the parents may be contacted by the dyslexia co-ordinator.

Further outside testing may be required to determine dyslexia. Those students who are diagnosed as being dyslexic qualify for extra time during closing week. They are given extra time to complete tests or exams. However, for students to be permitted to join the dyslexia class, the parents must agree to remedial teaching. Psychological test and remedial teaching are not offered by the school and must be obtained externally.

Should you have any questions about dyslexia or any other learning problems, please contact Mrs. Liesbeth Nouens (, Dyslexia co-ordinator international department, during school hours. For further information on the school's dyslexia policy, please see Chapter 7.3. which is downloaded for your convenience here.

Fear of Failure

Students who feel insecure, or who score lower than expected during tests may benefit from fear of failure reduction training, which is offered in conjunction with Physical Education. Children who suffer from fear of failure are hindered in their studies and their social contacts. Our School offers these students the possibility of following a training programme which aims at reducing fear of failure. The programmes are offered several times per year.

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