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Q) We are a Dutch family but are interested in an international education for our child. Is our child eligible to study at International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest? 
A) We can enroll Dutch students if they have lived abroad with their parents for at least two years, or whose parents can prove that they will soon move abroad. Students with a second (non-Dutch) passport are also eligible.  

Q) Is the International School open to all applicants?  
A)  We can enroll students with a non-Dutch passport, or Dutch students who have lived minimum of two years abroad with their parents, or whose parents can prove that they will soon move abroad.  

Q) Can International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest arrange visas and residence permits for foreign students? 
A) No. Students must have the necessary paperwork before they may join the school. For information on how to obtain the required paperwork please contact your nearest Dutch consulate or embassy

Q) Can my child board? 
A) Rijnlands is not a boarding school but some of our students do in privately run boarding houses during term time. The nearest boarding house to the school is called bas-bouwlust, website address is   

Q) How large are the classes? 
A) At International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest we are proud of our small class sizes. In MP1 the upper limit is 25 students, whilst in MP2-5 currently the average number of students per class is 17. DP students are usually taught in groups of 20 maximum (although for many subjects the groups are considerably smaller). 

Q) How old should my child be to join the MP1 class? 
A) In order to join the MP1 class your child should be 11 years old by the end of August in the year in which he or she joins the school. Alternatively, your child should have completed ‘group 7’ in a Dutch primary school (basisschool). 

Q) Do you test students before offering a place? 
A) Not necessarily. Every application must be accompanied by the student’s school reports (translated into English is necessary) from the past three school years.

The prospective student must also complete the final section of the application form as fully as possible.    If, after looking at the school reports and the applicants personal statement, we are in doubt as to an applicant’s suitability we may contact the prospective student’s current school, invite him or her for an interview and or request that the applicant sits entrance tests prior to offering a place. 

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