Guidance and motivation

The Role of the Tutor/ Tutor Hour

Each student is assigned to a tutor. During regular meetings and conversations the tutor and students will get to know each other very well, so that individualized guidance is ensured. The tutor is the first person students and/or parents should contact in case of questions and concerns that are not directly subject related. He/she can be contacted via email or by phoning the school administration office. The tutor will also work with the IBDP team leader to implement a structured programme of guidance and motivation over the course of the two-year programme.

The Role of the IBDP Team Leader

The IBDP Team Leader oversees the Diploma Programme and is responsible for all students studying the IB Diploma at RLO. He/she ensures that the quality of the program is maintained and works with the DP team of teachers to develop the curriculum. He / She also supports the tutors in their work.

The role of the Careers Counsellor

The Careers Counsellor guides the student making decisions about higher education and employment opportunities. It is vital for any student to make early contact with the careers counsellor and to arrange meetings when in need of advice about university choices and subject courses. Any student wishing to change their DP subject package must always check with the careers counsellor whether it is a viable decision before approaching the IBDP team leader with the request to change. Also, the new subject package is still dependent upon the promotion criteria.

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