From here to Uganda: 10.000 km

When Corona hit, many students were at home; just like us but with some huge differences: no laptops, no wifi, no phones. That means no Teams, no Zoom, no Google and no Whatsapp. So what Edukans did was to arrange special radio programmes that enabled the students at home to continue their education. Also, for the schools in Uganda to re-open, things really have to be safe. With that in mind, Edukans has developed a special Corona-return to school package, which provides teachers with tips on how to get their students back into the school rhythm and catch up on what they have missed. Besides that, all schools face a tremendous shortage of soap, buckets and face masks. On top of that Edukans will –of course- keep working on a structural improvement of education in Uganda, where not even one quarter of the students attend secondary school after their years at primary school. These numbers simply have to go up; will you help us achieve that?

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