Holiday regulations


The International School Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest is a state-subsidised school, which means that the School is governed by the Dutch Ministry of Education and therefore by Dutch Law. This includes 'de Leerplicht' (compulsory education).  The School is, therefore, not permitted to grant holiday leave outside of the school holiday period, except in special circumstances - see the Rosguide for these special circumstances.

We do not grant leave for periods of extended holiday particularly at the beginning or end of a school holiday.

Any parent or guardian requesting extra leave for their child(ren) should hand in a written request to the Head of the International Department as follows:

Mr Mathijs Hekkelman
Head International Department
Het Rijnlands Lyceum
Apollolaan 1

or by email:

This letter or email must be sent at least two weeks before the requested date of leave. Each request should state the circumstances and the nature of the request.

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