How the Media Centre works

Borrow a book or make a reservation

In the Media Centre we have a substantial collection of books. And these books you can borrow (with the exception of the reference works). To borrow a book you have to show your school pass. In all you may borrow 5 books for the duration of 3 weeks. If you haven't finished your book by then, you can extend it once. When you search for a specific book and you find that it is already out, you can make a reservation using the Library catalogue.


Every student receives a school pass at the beginning of the school year, on which your name and your class are included. You need this pass in the Media Centre to borrow books. When you happen to loose your school pass you can ask for a new one at the administration.


The computers in the Media Centre can be used by all students to do their homework (so it is not allowed to play games etc.). Every student has his/her own account and can log in using his student number and the pass word he receives at school. In order to print a document, or to make copies of a text, a print pass is needed. Please ask for it at the desk. 

Search for books

All books in the Media Centre are in the catalogue that you can find on each computer. Reading books are on the shelves, arranged by author; information books are arranged by topic. Searching for a book? You can consult the Library catalogue, at school or at home.
Do you need some help to find information? Please ask somebody at the desk.

Book late or lost

When you return your book late, you have to pay a fine.The fine is €0,10 a schoolday / book. So when you borrow a book, pay good attention to the return date, as the fine can go up considerably (the maximum fine is €4,50 for a book).

Did your book get lost? Very annoying, but not a disaster. Come to the desk and tell us that unfortunately the book is lost. We look in the catalogue for the price of the book (up to a maximum of €15,-). You pay us this price, we order a new copy and everything is solved.


Opposite of the shelves with journals there is a reading table where you can sit and read the newspapers and journals. Journals you cannot borrow, but you can make a copy of an article. For making copies, a print pass is needed. Please ask for it at the desk.

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