Late arrival to school: 3-6-9 rule


A student who arrives late for school reports at reception to have their school pass scanned. They receive a red slip with date and time of arrival which they show to their subject teacher in the class room. The following morning the student needs to report at reception at 08:00 for an early-morning detention where their school pass will be scanned again. Students with a fastpass also have to check in with reception. Their lateness will be registered as authorised and their timekeeping recorded on the school database. They do not need to report for early-morning detention.

When a student has been late for school three times, school will send the tutor and parents a notification, and the student will be issued with a Friday afternoon detention (16:45 – 17:15). Should this not deter the student enough, and the lateness build up to six times, the parents and the students are invited to come into school for a meeting with the MYP/DP team leader. If this does not have the desired effect, the truancy office will be notified when there are nine lateness registrations. Following which, both students and their parents will be invited to a meeting with the truancy office. This is a process that can ultimately lead to fines and court appearance, and we recommend avoiding preventable occurrence. 

Thankfully, most students are rarely late for school.




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