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Dear Students,

2/3/21 How nice that students may come to school again for some hours a week - nice for you students, nice for us : this winterperiod was indeed very quiet! Do you still have library books at home that have to be returned? Please do it now - in the month of March no fines will be charged. 


Collection and Places for study

The Media Centre contains books, journals and reference works: the paper collection. There is further information on datases, on the computers. [Read more under Collection]. Tables are also available in the Media Centre for groups working together and for individual use. You may talk quietly together, but please take into account that there are other people working too.


In the Media Centre there are 12 computers in the middle of the main room, on 'the island'. You can always sit here for school assignments for which you need a computer. Other computers are available in the Open Learning Centre.[For databases and use of computers, read more under Collection]

How the Media Centre works

Do you want to know how to borrow a book, know more about the school pass, or how to print or make copies? How do things work in the Media Centre? Read more under How the Media Centre works

Sometimes you may have a question you can't solve or problems in finding the right information on a certain subject or can't find a particular book from the shelves. No problem, you can always ask someone at the desk to help you.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday from 8.30 – 16.15
The Media Centre is closed in the 2nd break (12.45-13.15)


The staff members of the Media Centre are :
M. Pop (coordination), B. Brunner and I. Houben .

Our team is supported by an enthusiastic group of parent-volunteers, who are especially helpful with activities at the desk.
Are you a parent with an interest in helping in the Media Centre? Please contact us.

Tel.: 071-5193570

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