Presentation MP4 students

MP4 students presented their Service Learning activities to end the year of Economics. This Service Learning activity arose from the Economics class and was  organized by groups of students. The theme was Globalization and Sustainability – waste management.  Students investigated the local need of organizations such as Voedselbank, Wereldhuis, Brandwonden Stichting and Instock restaurant, to name a few. They contacted these organizations to find out their need. They then prepared an action plan consisting of an awareness campaign in the school and in the outside community. Members of the groups had a set task assigned to them by their group. Through these campaigns they collected non-perishable food and non-damaged clothes  from households, supermarkets, restaurants, students and teachers of ISRLO. These collections were donated at these organizations to meet their local needs. Service Learning fosters the application of a global context at a local level and these presentations were showcasing this through evidence of what the students achieved.


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