Plenary meetings of the Parents' Council are held twice a year. These are open meetings and are attended by the Principal. In between these, there are meetings held by the Dutch members with the Head of the Dutch School and meetings held by the International members with the Head of the International School. At these meetings members discuss suggestions which can originate from parents or from the school, and notify the Head of any problems they have noted or which have been brought to their attention by other parents. The parents also discuss relevant questions arising in the MR and GMR.

At the parent evenings, the Parent Council representative for each year introduces him/herself as a contact person. The International members also organise coffee mornings or evening drinks for the parents in their year group to meet each other socially. Once a year, usually in the spring, the Parents' Council organises a theme evening in English. This can take the form of a lecture or a workshop and a subject is chosen which it is hoped will be of interest to as many parents as possible. Recent topics have been: Use and Abuse of drugs and alcohol; Opportunities for post-secondary education in English in The Netherlands; and living with teenagers.

Parents are kept up to date about the activities of the Parents' Council via the International school's bi-weekly newsletter (Rosweek) and Parentweb.

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