RLO is on the move for education in Uganda!

The Rijnlands Lyceum is organizing the Horse Power Action for the 25th time this year, but differently! Instead of doing chores, this year the students will cover the distance between the school and Uganda, 10,000 kilometers.

All students have received a sponsor card on which they can indicate how many (kilo) meters they will do. Everything is allowed: running, walking, cycling, rowing, hopscotch, sack running, walking on your hands, as long as you only use your own strenght. Creative activities will also count: for example, knitting a scarf from 100 meters of thread or writing a super long poem.

When schools in the Netherlands switched to online education, schools in countries such as Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia also closed and they have not reopened everywhere. Imagine that: no Teams or Zoom, no Whatsapp….. The students are at home and often have to help to maintain the family income. The number of teenage pregnancies has sky rocketed. Edukans, the organisation to which the money from Horse Power Action goes, has acted diligently and, in collaboration with its education partners in various countries, has spent € 130,000 to buy radio airtime and therefore teach lessons so that students could continue to learn.

For schools that want to reopen, packages containing buckets, soap and mouth masks are needed to give parents the certainty that their children can go to school safely. Teachers are being trained to get children, who have been at home, back into a school routine and parents must be convinced to no longer keep their children at home. So more money than ever is needed to give children the education they need.

Watch the video from two students about this action here >>>

Do you not know any students from Rijnlands but would you still like to contribute? This can be done via https://rijnlands-lyceum-oegstgeest5.inactievooredukans.nl/

For students who still need an action card >>>


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