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Report Cards

The academic year is divided into four terms. At the end of each term report cards will be available in a downloadable format on Managebac.   Teachers meet to discuss the academic and non-academic development of each student after the test week results are known. 

All of the report grades and criteria are available on Managebac so we will only issue paper report cards at the end of Term 2 (mid point) and Term 4 (end of year) in the Middle Years Programme and Diploma Programme year 1.   For Diploma Programme year 2, due the necessity of predicted grades and term grades to accompany Univerity applications, these will be issued at the end of Term 1.   Promotion into the next grade level is decided at the final report meeting.

Where apprpriate, report cards are handed to students by their Tutor.

Homework / Attitude Warning Notices

When students fail to prepare their homework properly, when tests do not yield the expected results or when the student's attitude in class gives cause for concern, teachers may decide to inform the parents by sending them a Homework / Attitude Warning Notice. There are no formal rules for these notices. In case of uncertainty, it is therefore always best to contact the subject teacher personally to discuss the matter.


The Rosweek is distributed through email and Managebac.   This informs everyone of ongoing events and School information on a regular basis. It is therefore very important that parents and guardians make sure that the parent representative for their year group is aware of their e-mail address.


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