Book fund

The school provides students with learning resources for each subject.   These are collected during the induction programme at the beginning of the school year, or if you join school after this time you will meet with the school administrator as part of your induction programme and she will help you with your books.

Textbooks remain the property of the school unless otherwise stated and they should be handed in at the end of the academic year, or if a student is leaving the programme early.  

A Book Fund deposit is included in the school fees stucture and this is returned in full when your son/daughter leaves school provided there is no damage or loss of books.  

At the end of the school year, students return their textbooks, and where necessary, a charged will be made for loss or damage.   At the beginning of the following school year the process begins again and so forth.  

Categories of grading

All books issued by the school are graded.   The school allows for one grade of deterioration per year, any additional damage falls into the categories out outlined in a percentage table below.

  • 1 = A brand new book or a book in excellent condition.
  • 2 = A book in good condition.
  • 3 = A book in a fair condition.
  • 4 = A book in a poor condition.
  • 5 = A book in a very poor condition.


Terms and Conditions of the Book Fund will be handed to your child at the beginning of the academic year when they collect their books.   We recommened that you go through the textbooks with your son/daughter at the beginning of the school year to check the grading and allocation based upon the book list they are provided with.   Any discrepancies should be notified by email to the school administrator within the first few weeks of school.

Workbooks and Literature books (English and Dutch) DIploma Programme

Academic study guides, workbooks and literature books are purchased by students in the Diploma Programme.   A list of the workbooks and literature required for each subject will be communicated to the students at the beginning of the school year, for ease the school purchases work and literature books in bulk and at a discounted rate and passes these savings onto the students in addition it ensures that all students are using the same books/editions and they are readily available at the beginning of the year.

Invoices will be sent home once books have been issued. We always ask students to sign for books to prevent misunderstandings.

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