At RLO science is taught in all years. In MYP you will first learn about science in general in MP1 and 2. In MP3, MP4 and MP5 the three sciences are taught separately. In DP you will have at least one science.

In this site we will provide you with all materials that are required in the different classes.

The IB learner profile - Science

Are we able to see the things from the point of view of those who understand science less than we do? How much do you care about your environment? How can you use science to help solve real problems? Are you able to help others in your group learn and understand about science better? Can science help you become a more caring learner?


Why is it important to be honest in science? Are you able to accept advice when you make mistakes in your work? Does everyone have the right to use science as they please? Do scientists around the world work together well? Where do ethics fit into science?


How open-minded are you when others have different ideas to yours and when the results of an investigation turn out differently than you expected? Much of science is creating models of how we feel things in the universe work and interact – how dear are these models to you? How strongly do you cling to your preconceptions and predictions of how things work and interact? How open-minded are you to what scientists do?


Are you confident enough to make predictions or to construct hypotheses even though you might be wrong? Are you mature enough to use the knowledge you have to lessen the risk of being wrong? Are you able to formulate and ask good questions in class? Are you willing to risk doing something in science that you have never done before (or that you know you are uncomfortable with)? Are you able to defend your ideas in science?


Are you prepared for learning in science? Are you leaving yourself enough time to do the planning, researching, investigating, analysing writing and reflecting needed to succeed in science? Are you getting enough sleep, exercise, are you eating properly, concentrating, motivating yourself to do well in science?

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