Stationery requirements

Managebac contains an agenda for homework and longer term assignments, students may feel that they also require a general agenda.

A laptop or Ipad (tablet), or at the very least computer access at home, is necessary for school life, our assignments, homework and research is uploadable through the students individual dropbox.  

A scientific calculator
Important information about calculators

  • MYP1-4 - A scientific calculator: It doesn’t have to be a top of the range model, but it should be a scientific version with the following functions: square roots, cube roots, trigonometry etc.
  • MYP5 - In MP5, we recommend the use of a Graphics Display Calculator (GDC). For students who are intending to do the Diploma Programme after their final MYP year, for the Diploma Programme (DP) a GDC is compulsory and from school year 2012-2013 onwards the GDC that we will be using and is used in our textbooks is the Texas Instruments TI Nspire CX.
  • DP - In the Diploma Programme, a Graphics Display Calculator is compulsory. The calculator that we will be using is the Texas Instruments TI Nspire CX. The text books that we use in the Diploma Programme Mathematics courses are also using this calculator.      ***Take care: Don’t buy the TI Nspire CAS, as this is not permitted in the Diploma Programme


A Student World Atlas –Collins Student World Atlas, this should be the most recent publication, one copy per family is sufficient.

Stationery as a guideline, this is dependent on which grade or class you join.    With Managebac as the main information portal, students may feel they do not require as much stationery.    Here is an estimation:

  • Notebooks –lined A4 or A5 books for Geography, History and Science and squared for Mathematics – this can be of any design.
  •  A4 binder and suitable lined paper for the size of the folder – including at least 3 sub-dividers
  •  Science Lab book –hardback cover with lines
  •  A memory (USB) stick– for computer lab work – please make sure this is well marked with the students name to a minimum capacity of 8gb.
  •  General items -  Ruler, scissors, pencils, multi-coloured pencils, erasers, highlighters and writing pens or ink pens.
  •  Angle measure –available from the school office during the first few weeks.
  •  Art book and set will be available from the Art Department–students will be provided with details during the first week of school.
  • All students require a mouth guard for PE lessons such as hockey, cricket etc.


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