School rules

These school rules were devised in close co-operation with the class representatives and acknowledged by the Student Council. All students and staff should conform to the general rules of the school: this means that teachers and pupils conform to school procedures as summarised below.

1. We respect each other: we have mutual respect and value other people's cultures. In class, we don't laugh at other student's mistakes. We don't tease or bully or use any verbal or physical violence. Everybody should feel comfortable and safe.

2. We respect other people's property. We don't steal or damage another person's property. We do not deface the school building or its surroundings, nor deliberately cause any other damage to the school building.

3. We ensure that the school building is kept clean and tidy. We don't throw litter on the floor or damage school property. We are responsible to keep classrooms and the school building clean. Teams of pupils will help the janitors to keep the building clean at the end of the day.

4. We do not put other students' health in jeopardy. We keep to the school rules concerning alcohol and drugs in and around the school. We do not carry any dangerous weapons. We do not put another student's health in danger.

5. We live up to our agreements. Teachers are clear with their instructions about homework and behaviour in class. Teachers give homework, tests and written tasks in time. Students have all their school necessities with them and live up to any agreements made.

6. We place all bicycles / mopeds / scooters in the designated racks in the bicycle sheds.

7. We respect and follow the classroom rules laid down by the teacher. Teachers are entitiled to uphold the following rules:

  • No eating / chewing gum in class
  • No drinks except for water
  • No use of mobile phones
  • No use of MP3s or other audio devices (unless permitted by the teacher)
  • No coats or caps to be worn in class

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