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You make plans. Right now, you think of the diploma ahead of you. But do you wonder how you might get there? Is it real for you? Do you really want it and do you intend to live up to fulfill your wishes? Do you have plans for what to do when school is over? Are you ambitious and willing to invest the proper amount of time and effort in reaching your goals? Do you give up easily when something turns difficult or do you persevere until you find out? Are you a procrastinator never getting down to business? Do you know how to make the most out of your study time?
These are important questions to ask yourself if you want to know yourself as a learner. Without realising how you function in the learning process you cannot change your learning style to be more efficient and satisfactory.

The most important in your learning process is YOU. Without your continuous contribution, the results will be poor and your dreams will have to be changed. This study skills programme can provide you with some insight in your learning process and how to actually improve your study habits. If you are willing to take this look into yourself and invest some time. It's very easy to continue to work the way you always did even though you may know that it is not good enough. Changing to be more disciplined and organised is the difficult part. However, the satisfaction from actually seeing good results after investment of your efforts is worth everything.

Know yourself: where are your strengths and weaknesses in the learning process? This is an opportunity to get closer to some of the answers to the questions asked above.

Your teachers can help you but they cannot do the work for you. Going for the IB diploma is hard work but if you take responsibility for your own learning process and gradually develop study habits and skills that match your ambitions, then you'll learn not only the subjects but also to master future learning situations. We assume that wanting to learn is the starting point for all students.

The best way to explore this program is at the computer where you can take some of the tests or answer questionnaires directly You may want to print the more informative papers and read them more in depth.

Another advice: Come back to this site now and then and work with it. Always consider if your study skills are efficient and how you can get the most out of your study time so that you also have time for leisure and fun. However, remember that school is your work and it must have top priority if you want to succeed.
There are many different things involved in developing the set of study skills that you need to successfully complete the IB-programme.

We have divided these skills into 3 chapters:

Chapter 1: Studying

This chapter has sections on:

Chapter 2: Specific skills

The skills that are discussed are:

Chapter 3: Coping with Tests and Examination

It has sections on:

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