Study Support Group


From the second term of each year we start the study support group; a service offered to those students who are struggling with their school work and need extra help from teachers who are familiar with the requirements of the Middle Years Programme.

Participation is subject to availability. Therefore, students can only join the study support groups can only take place after a formal invitation.

 The following rules apply to the study support group: 

  • Both parents and students are agreed with the participation in the study support group.
  • The student enrols for the whole term, and attends at least one full lesson period (75 minutes).
  • In case of absence, the team leader is informed of the reason for the absence beforehand.
  • The students earn their place in the study support group through constructive participation; i.e. should the student display a negative work attitude their place may be given to other students.
  • The students register their school work in the study support booklet so that both student and teachers can monitor the progress made.
  • The student is responsible for bringing the necessary study materials.


Information regarding the study support group will be posted on Parentweb from the end of term 1

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