B. Time Management Skills

You must learn to plan your time so that there is time for work and time for leisure. You can learn how to get the right balance between these two by getting an overview of your time and how you use it. Take a critical look at how much time you watch television or chat with friends. Learn to work more effectively by concentrated working periods and combat procrastination. Get an overview of what you have to do short-term and long-term in a weekly planner.

Here is some valuable advice on how to make the best of your valuable time

Where does time go? A tool to use for getting a better idea of how you spend your time.
( "Where does time go?" Virginia Tech, June 1994. Web. 31 May 2011)

A good printable format of a weekly schedule and some really good time management principles
("Planned Weekly Schedule." University of Minnesota, July 2006. Web. 31 May 2011)

Take a look: what happens to your time?: do the 168 hours exercise
("AAC Study Tips." Ohio University, 2011. Web. 31 May 2011)

Take a professional approach to your job as a student. Get an overview of deadlines and try to estimate how long time it will take you to do each job. Do the same for preparation for class every day so that you know when you are done. Be realistic. You need time for other things as well.

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