Chapter 3: Tests and Examinations

Preparing for a test or an exam is an important thing. The best preparation is doing your daily work; revise from time to time so that everything is not new for you when you start the final revision. And be sure to keep your notes and photocopies in order, so that you an find everything when you need it. Try to develop a positive attitude to the work you have to do. When the exams are approaching, find out what you need to study for when and make a revision plan and stick to it. Take the necessary time for revision but be aware that you must also relax. It is a very good idea to form study groups and meet to discuss what you have studied.

Look at previous exam questions and work with these in order to focus. Continue to ask questions to the material you study when you revise actively (look at the SQR3 method in chapter2). Avoid cramming in the last minute because that will make you nervous. This little guide is aimed at helping you in the preparation of the exams or tests. It will take some time to work yourself through it, but if you're really motivated to do well, and if you start already now, you'll have plenty of time to find out how to do your best at the coming exams.

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