At Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest the focus is on the students. Even now, or perhaps better said, especially now!

Although we have left corona behind us, we are looking for “Extra Hands” again this year to help students and give them extra attention. We have discovered that the supervision of students has great added value and can be a permanent form of supervision.

Do you enjoy working with students? Are you interested in education and do you have time? Then join our team as a student counselor at the best school in the region!

As we all know, the Corona crisis has affected more or less everyone. For students, it sometimes means that they have fallen behind or are delayed. Very annoying of course! However, as a school we do everything we can to identify the gaps and to take appropriate measures. One of the initiatives to do this is the “Extra Hands” project.

During this project, with a subsidy from the National Education Program, students are used as extra help with supporting activities in and outside the classroom. The main goal is to give extra attention to students who need it. Another important goal is to introduce those interested in education to the profession of a teacher in a low-threshold manner. Moreover, students can be role models for our students. “Extra Hands” focuses on one-on-one guidance and instructions to small groups. This is possible during regular class hours and afterwards. In addition, students can teach teachers e.g. help in making teaching materials or in preparing and/or supervising practical assignments.

Last September we started the project and although we have largely left corona behind us, we still think the project should continue! We have discovered that the supervision of students has great added value!

If you are interested in being used as an Extra Hand, or if you have any questions, please contact Dorothé Gerdes.