75-minute schedule
At ISRLO we have lessons of 75 minuten. That means fewer lessens in a day than at most schools. That also means fewer books to carry to school and homework for fewer subjects.

On designated days in the school year calendar, lessons are shortened to 60 minutes

The daily lesson schedules can be seen in the table below:

75 minutes

1st hour 08:3009:45
2nd hour09:5011:05
3rd hour11:3012:45
4th hour13:1514:30
5th hour14:3515:50
6th hour15:5517:10

60 minutes

1st hour 08:3009:30
2nd hour09:3510:35
3rd hour11:0012:00
4th hour12:0513:05
5th hour13:3014:30
6th hour14:3515:35