Students from the international department, MP5, are auctioning Christmas jumpers and accessories for Action Horse Power. They have uploaded 25 jumpers to the website so far, so bid on your favourite! The students are also selling goodies. Below is the message from the students:

Hi everyone,

For Horse Power Action– Edukans, MP5B are organising the very first Christmas Sweater Auction! Be a part of it – check out our page!

Bid on your favourite sweater to wear for the Holidays, brighten up the Christmas Breakfast, or just for fun! We have collected 24 so far, in a variety of sizes – and a hat! More could follow 🙂
We also have a bake sale with all kinds of delicious goodies available for pre-ordering. Just fill out the form!
Or just support us/ share the link/ follow us.
Use our link to find out more!

Rijnlands Lyceum Horsepower Action – class MP5b – Edukans Actieplatform (

Thank you for your attention and support for our Horse Power Action Edukans initiative!