On 23 November with red cheeks and in utmost concentration, 25 students worked on translations from and to eight languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian and Polish.

These students: DP1 and DP2 and 2 VWO students, were participating in the annual Juvenes Translatores translation competition: RLO was one of the schools in the Netherlands selected to participate. The objective of this contest is to stress the importance of learning languages and the important role that translators play in the European Union. Participants could choose to translate from, and into any official EU language.

To bring even more excitement in the event, we decided to add another competition on top; the students were asked to guess the total number of schools participating in Juvenes translatores to win an original JT-shirt, decorated with texts in all languages of the EU. Dante Rosso from DP1b was the happy winner; he guessed 600 and the correct number of participating schools this year is 705.

The winners will be invited to a prestigious award ceremony in Brussels in the spring of 2024, so let’s keep our fingers crossed!