In 2023-2024  the ISRLO Language Day was organized for the second time, just like the yearly language trips to Malaga and Nice for MP4, it is a part of our language policy. The students were exposed to multiple languages, including sign language. Other highlights were the whole school Sports Day in June and the MP4 Sports Day with Dutch International Schools in Amsterdam Olympic Stadion. Again, we all enjoyed the lovely food that parents and students brought to the International evening and it was wonderful to see how students shared their talents on the open podium. In December we had the Christmas breakfast and the Sinterklaas party. The students prepared the most delicious Christmas breakfasts for each other and made creative the Sinterklaas ‘surprises’. In the same time of the year there was of course the Horsepower action to raise money for better education in African countries. With all these winter-festivities in mind, we can be proud of how caring the MYP students can be.

In this years’ project week the students went on several fieldtrips: to Artis, Museum Voorlinden and Museum voor Beeld en Geluid. These trips were the kick-off for the IDU (interdisciplinary unit) they had to complete in the remaining project days. Students became more aware of the benefits of cross pollination between several subjects. To create an infographic about endangered animals for instance, you need artistic skills, science skills and language skills to work together and integrate. Some of the results of the projects will be displayed in school.

Looking forward to next year, we’re happy to announce that all MYP tutor classes start with ‘Jigsaw’, “the mindful approach to PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education). Jigsaw systematically develops children’s inner worlds, empowering them as unique individuals enjoying positive relationships with self and others, and thereby becoming self-regulating effective learners with agency” (Jigsaw Education Group). This year we ran a pilot with the MYP1 and MYP3 students and concluded that it is worth to make Jigsaw part of our MYP tutor program. You will hear more about it next year.

We hope you enjoy reading about the highlights of this year in this edition of the end of year ISRLO Newsletter and wish you a relaxing summer break. We look forward to welcoming you back at the start of the new year on Monday August 26.

Marja Selier MP123 Coordinator

Ambria Sebregts MP45 Coordinator

MP2 Reflections

MP5 Visit to Beeld en Geluid in Hilversum

During  the second week of the E-assessment the students took part in workshops as part of the Interdisciplinary Unit. One of the workshops was on May 16th when all MP5 students went to “Beeld en Geluid”, the Dutch Media Museum in Hilversum. Preparing themselves for their exam on interdisciplinary learning as part of their e-assessments, they learned a lot about various aspects of fake news. They even created some fake news themselves, and published it to the world! 

Model United Nations at Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest

An Introduction by Tanvi Sharma MP5b

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation in which hundreds and thousands of students come together in a conference, each representing a country to debate different issues and practice international diplomacy. It helps students to learn more about how the United Nations (UN) functions as well as promotes awareness of current global issues.

Our school has always offered MUN as an extracurricular for students in MP4 and older, but this year many hardworking Dutch and International students (see their introduction video) have decided to host our first-ever Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest Model United Nations conference, named RijnMUN! Taking place from Friday, October 11th to Sunday, October 13th 2024, both RLO students and students from neighboring schools will attempt to solve various global issues, practice debate skills, and of course, make friends!! Information about RijnMUN is well documented on the student-built RijnMUN website, To our enthusiastic MUN students, this event is much more than an extracurricular activity; it allows you to think from different perspectives while expanding your connections beyond classmates in RLO. Conferences like RijnMUN are incredible experiences that are not only held  

in high esteem by universities but also help to develop important skills such as debating, leadership, and learning to compromise. We are all very excited to host the first RijnMUN ever and aim to make it an unforgettable conference!

The End of Round 1: The MYP5 experience

A Reflection by Alice Rinalducci MP5c

After 4 years of middle school, we have reached the final year; the year of decisions, stress, and excitement. MYP5 rounds up all the work and progress done so far and is certainly one of the most difficult years at our school. This year consists of hard work and the usual assignments, activities, and several additional tasks which help students conclude the program, pave their path and make choices for their future. I spoke with two fellow MYP5 students: Melani, who has been at RLO since MYP1; and Tanvi, who joined at the beginning of the school year. We spoke about their experiences and some advice on how to survive the grade.

“At first, it was really – so much,” Melani told me that compared to previous years, MYP5 is really hard. The first term in particular, it’s quite a struggle to keep up with the workload while still maintaining a personal and social life. After surviving the first impact, however, the puzzle pieces do start to align. The build-up of subject content begins making sense, the endless formatives become useful for improving, and the school planned activities are actually relevant. For instance, during term 3, we spent two long, dull hours completing the Morrisby career test to help us find our strengths and potential career paths; now many turn back to their results in order to make choices for their future studies and understanding their interests. Trivially, even the introduction week was really fun. Tanvi explained that being new, this week was super important for her to get to know people and not feel completely alone.

How to survive the grade? “Be attentive since the start of the year!” said Tanvi, “take good notes, study, and ask every question to everyone.” Especially for new students, the curriculum can be entirely different from what they were learning previously, so paying attention and getting help will make the world of a difference. Both Melani and Tanvi agreed that it’s important to “not be afraid to ask for help.” Asking another question, staying after class to get support from your teacher, and going to the extra study periods will make the world of a difference. And of course, staying organised and managing your time effectively. There is lots to do in MYP5 including concluding a personal project, the end of MYP assessments (E-assessments), working for a week, university visits, career talks, and so much more. But please, don’t feel overwhelmed! You are never alone when facing these challenges and with the help of teachers, formative work, and school organised events, “you can’t not improve.” Tanvi and Melani explained that with this set up, “everyone has a chance to do well.”

Although daunting, MYP5 can be exciting. If you made it here, you have finally reached the end of round one; you can do it!