Lenka Huang and Ethan Thiébaut both in DP1 have this year completed the Pre-University Course at TU Delft (October to March).   The TU Delft Pre-University Programme provides a realistic representation of studying at a technical university.  It  gives the students the opportunity to relate their school subjects such as physics and mathematics to the topics of the University Degree Programme, in this case engineering.

The Programme is based in three phases:

Phase 1 Pre-University Kick Off Event – 1 day online

Phase 2 6 weeks (30 hours of study)  choice of 3 topics out of 5 with practical and  written assignments (online)

Phase 3      4 time on Fridays to attend TU Delft to work on practical project

For Phase 3 both Lenka and Ethan chose the Robotics Programme  – to assemble, program, optimize

and troubleshoot a robot.  Throughout this process, the students received support from TU Delft students

studying a Master’s programme as their mentors with regular tracking meetings.  At the same time, they

had the opportunity to speak to students and lecturers about studying and life at TU Delft.