Möbius – a black who dunnit comedy, murder in the madhouse!

In this show, really nothing is as it seems. But maybe that’s what you get when you are playing in a madhouse!
On top of that comes our funky orchestra with cool 80’s tunes. So…. lets go crazy!
Reputations are at stake!
The world must be saved!
Who is actually crazy?
Are we all lost?

Based on Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s Die Physiker, Rijnlands Lyceum plays ‘Möbius’.

Attend a performance?
Tickets can be ordered online CLICK HERE
Cost per ticket: € 8.00.

Please note: The performance is not suitable for children under the age of 12. The play contains violence, murder and psychological abuse.

Show dates:
Saturday February 18 (8 p.m.)
Sunday February 19 (8 p.m.)
Monday February 20 (8 p.m.)
Tuesday February 21 (8 p.m.)
Wednesday February 22 (8 p.m.)

• It is not possible to reserve a fixed seat
• Like our school, the play is bilingual (Dutch – English)

See photos from the rehearsals below: