Last Saturday was the sold-out premiere of the school performance “Möbius”.

With a long tradition of large-scale school performances, which often come close to professional level, “Möbius” did not disappoint!

The hard work that the many RLO students have put into this bilingual performance over the past few months, under the supervision of teachers, has more than paid off. Production, orchestra, sound, lighting and not to forget the cast: it was very impressive. The premiere of “Möbius” was therefore a resounding success.

Set in the eighties, with a choice of music recognisable to the generation of that time, “Möbius” was a feast of recognition. The play (an adaptation of Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s “The Physicists” ) begins as a hilarious whodunit involving a murder in an insane asylum. Gradually, the story turns out to be a spy thriller culminating in an ending that shocks the audience. What starts as a hilarious black comedy, ends with the serious and extremely topical question: What are we as humanity actually doing? Are we using science to save humanity or are we abusing it and ruining the world, if we continue this way? In a disconcerting final image, this was a plot twist that hit like a bomb.

An impressive stage with beautiful projections, a swinging 80’s orchestra and an excellent cast: the audience enjoyed the sparkling performance of the students of Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest.

Leading role performers: Mariana Costa, Bender Doeleman, Razvan Angeleanu, Zoë van Duijvenvoorde, Karam Alkaissy and Mia Zeppenfeldt, were all very strong. Remember the names of these regional talents. Supporting role interpreters Jenthe Varkevisser and Fiene Oskam , who regularly caused bursts of laughter among the audience., deserve a special mention. (Viewed on February 18, 2023)

Are you curious? there are still tickets available!